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Ham Supplies by 9W2RNJ

About Us

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HF Transceiver
UHF/VHF Handhelds Transceiver
UHF/VHF Mobile Transceiver
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Customers like to know about the company and people behind the products and services they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves.

Our Company

This is where we will explain how we got to where we are today. For example, we might talk about how long we have been in business and the way we apply that experience to our customers. We have a dedicated staff ready to assist you with your telecommunications questions and needs.

Our Business Philosophy

Our mission statement or purpose could go here. For example, we emphasize selling a high-quality product and servicing customers in a professional and efficient manner. We only partner with reputable manufacturers and suppliers, so we have confidence in the products we sell. In addition, we hope to solve all your telecom issues quickly and at a competitive cost.

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9W2RNJ (012-2677087)