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Ham Supplies by 9W2RNJ


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The FT-7800R provides 50 Watts of power on the 144 Mhz band, and 40 Watts on the 430 MHz, and is designed for simplicity of operation along with high performance in the receiver section. The FT-7800R is ideal for the active Ham who has a need for simplex, repeater, or FM satellite operation on both bands, but without the complication of cross-band repeat capability, which is available on our FT-8800R and FT-8900R models.

 NOAA Weather ALert (U.S. Version only)
 Over 1000 Memory Channels
 WiRES™ Internet Linking Capability
 YSK-7800 Remote Mounting Kit (option)
 One-Touch "Hyper Memory" Operation
 High Power Output
 Wide Receiver Frequency Coverage

9W2RNJ (012-2677087)